ian-winstanley-tranquil-heart-i23765     Cardiac Rehabilitation

During cardiac rehabilitation everyone is encouraged to slow down and reduce emotional stress. After any kind of heart event or occurrence of heart disease, many people are greatly troubled by fear. Centering Prayer is an easy to learn meditative practice that provides inner stillness and reduces negative emotions, while strengthening one’s relationship with God. If you have recently been diagnosed with a heart problem and are interested in pursuing the practice of Centering Prayer, there are a few ways you can accomplish this :

  1. You can join a local centering prayer group anywhere in San Diego. click here for the list of centering prayer groups in your area, and arrive a little early for your first meeting.  The group leader will welcome you,  give you a short lesson, and invite you to pray with the entire group.
  2. Contact our  Outreach Team.   We would be happy to come to your group or organization to introduce you to Centering Prayer,  simply e-mail us at cosdsandiego@gmail.com and download the Cardiac Rehabilitation one sheet to place on your organization’s bulletin board or hand out at your meetings here.
  3. For more information on meditation and Cardiac Rehabilitation go to www.heart.org (American Heart Association)